1-5 hours

20-300 pax.

General concept

Corporate barbecue picnic will be the perfect end of your  outdoor event. Authentic atmosphere and delicious barbecue cooked in front of your guests will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated participants of the event.

We have created all the amenities for your corporate outdoor recreation, from the choice of places to the organization of the performance of a musical group.

Picnic locations

Our company has more than 60 locations throughout Azerbaijan for a full-fledged outdoor corporate picnic. All locations are selected based on the format and objectives of the event.

  • Coast
  • Mud Volcanoes
  • Mountain peaks
  • Grape fields
  • Authentic settlements
  • Hotel grounds

The base price includes:

  • Mobile tents
  • landing under the Oriental-style tents
  • All necessary dishes and equipment
  • Picnic menu,  drinks
  • Professional kebab cooker
  • Barbecue master class
  • Service
  • Montage DE montage
  • Delivery to the specified location

Additional options:

  • Mobile toilet
  • Hookah zone,an exit hookah
  • Professional wine tasting
  • Any alcoholic drinks
  • an Exit bar
  • Any show program
  • All the necessary equipment for your event (sound, light, stage, dance floor, etc.)
  • The creation of the atmosphere and lighting of the surrounding area
  • Уникальные и не стандартные локации
  • Единение с природой
  • Гастрономическое пиршество – 12 видов самых вкусных шашлыков
  • Мастер-классы у мангала
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