1 day

20-50 pax.

General concept

Hunters – is a gambling and entertaining team building for your company.

Baku Shooting Center – is a center for competitions and training in bullet and trap shooting.
The roots of skeet shooting lie in the competitions of hunters who shot birds with hunting rifles. Such competitions took place in Europe (primarily in England) already in the Middle Ages. At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, including the first Olympic Games, shooters fired on live pigeons thrown into the air. Then the pigeons were replaced to the  plates.
We will hold a mini skeet-shooting tournament and reward the best hunters. Your guests will feel the team passion and victory.

Jeep tour – guests will go on a tour by the jeeps to the countryside and continue to “hunt” on uncharted trails. Expected activities – archery, shooting from pneumatics and also  javelin throwing.
Programs are agreed  by the customer choice . See section Location programs.

Corporate picnic – will be the perfect logical conclusion to any of your visiting events. Your guests will enjoy delicious barbecue flavors that will be prepared next to them.

Programs as per locations
  • Hunters – Baku, Gobustan (9 hrs)
  • Hunters – Baku, Xizi, Galaalti (10 hrs)

All programs are adapted according to the selected location.

Event Mechanics
  • Meeting with guests
  • Departure to the Baku shooting center
  • Flying Saucer Mini-Shooting Tournament
  • Award, cup presentation
  • Departure for jeep on the selected route
  • Passage of shooting points
  • Picnic
  • Return to Baku

The base price includes:

  • Transport
  • Private mini-shooting tournament
  • All the necessary props for the tournament
  • Tournament soft drinks
  • 4×4 jeeps
  • Props for shooting points – archery, pneumatics, javelin throwing
  • Instructors
  • Corporate picnic
  • Gambling Team Building
  • Taste of corporate victory
  • Hunting in uncharted locations
  • Delicious kebabs
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