1-4 h.

6-100 pax.

General concept

Azerbaijani national cuisine is very different it includes meat, flour and vegetables. The methods of preparing the foods are various and diverse. In the past, food also varied depending on the geographical conditions and social status of people.


Master classes in Azerbaijani dishes:

  • Master class “Dyushbara”
  • Master class “Shekerbour”
  • Master class “Kutab”
  • Master class “Dolma”
  • Master class “Lula-kebab”

Depending on the wishes of the customer, we can organize any dish.


Wine and cognac tastings:

  • Shamakhi wines
  • Gabala wines
  • Absheron wines
  • Tovuz cognacs

Conducting wine and cognac tastings in any location of Azerbaijan on a turnkey basis. Professional sommelier team, high level of service.

Tasting of black caviar in any location of Azerbaijan “turnkey”.


The base price includes:

  • Chef
  • All necessary inventory
  • Products
  • Delivery in the event of a field event
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