1-1,5 hours

20-160 pax.

General concept

We present to your attention an exciting quest box – 4 elements. Each side of the quest box has 6 hidden doors that need to be opened to gain access to the main door.

Game programs

Quest Box – 4 elements

  • Quest Box Quiz (1 hours) – max 20 pax
  • Quest Box Team building (1 hours) – max 40 pax
  • Quest Box Team building – Fith element (90 minutes) – max 160 pax
Event Mechanics

The mechanics depend on the chosen format of the event.


The base price includes:

  • Leading
  • Props
  • Montage demontage
  • Delivery in Baku
  • Motivating staff for ambitious tasks.
  • Team interaction for decision-making under time pressure.
  • Developing a sense of personal responsibility for the end result.
  • Strengthening team spirit (team spirit) and collective responsibility.
  • Strengthening vertical and horizontal ties in the team.
  • Developing the right strategies to achieve the final result.
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