1-3 hours

20-300 pax.

General concept

We present to your attention mobile pavilions of Azerbaijani culture. All pavilions are presented in oriental style and fully reflect the oriental flavor. Pavilions can be installed both outdoors and indoors.

Game programs

Tea Traditions

  • Special oriental decor pavillion
  • Drawing on Armudu glass – master-class
  • Samovar tea in Armudu glass
  • Azerbaijan sweet – baklava

Azerbaijan Carpets

  • Special oriental decor pavillion
  • Сarpet weaving – master-class
  • Secrets of choosing carpets
  • Azerbaijan carpet schools

Shebeke Art

  • Special oriental decor pavillion
  • Assembly shebeke – master-class
  • Shebeke photo zone

Azerbaijan Cuisine

  • Special oriental decor pavillion
  • Gutab cooking – master-class
  • National basil drink

Rhythms of Azerbaijan

  • Special oriental decor pavillion
  • Nagara Rhythms – master-class
  • National dance – master-class

Oil Painting

  • Special oriental decor pavillion
  • Oil painting – master-class
  • Corporate photo panel as a souvenir

National Clothes

  • Special oriental decor pavillion
  • National clothes – photo zone
Event Mechanics

The mechanics depend on the chosen format of the event.


The base price includes:

  • Leading
  • Props
  • Montage demontage
  • Delivery in Baku
  • Motivating staff for ambitious tasks.
  • Team interaction for decision-making under time pressure.
  • Developing a sense of personal responsibility for the end result.
  • Strengthening team spirit (team spirit) and collective responsibility.
  • Strengthening vertical and horizontal ties in the team.
  • Developing the right strategies to achieve the final result.
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