2-4 h.

20-500 pax.

General concept

Tower of Victory – it’s a great team-building competition to experience real racing and adrenaline-filled excitement. Victory Tower is presented in 2 different packages – CLASSIC and OLYMPIC.

CLASSIC format is a great team building program for corporates with a large number of employees. Classic team building tasks are fun for everyone and at the same time strengthen the team. A great final assignment provides a beautiful and meaningful end to the program.

OLYMPIC is a great opportunity to experience real Olympic team building. This program is an adventurous competition for a squad of 32-48 teams. After finishing the group games, the strongest teams pass the 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 stages with the Olympic system, and the weaker teams leave the competition. The 2 strongest teams of the competition meet in the Final tower and achieve a great victory.

Game programs
  • CLASSIC packages (2-3 hours)
  • OLYMPIC packages (3-4 hours)
Event Mechanics

The mechanics depend on the chosen format of the event.


The base price includes:

  • Leading
  • Props
  • Montage demontage
  • Delivery
  • Motivating staff for ambitious tasks.
  • Team interaction for decision-making under time pressure.
  • Developing a sense of personal responsibility for the end result.
  • Strengthening team spirit (team spirit) and collective responsibility.
  • Strengthening vertical and horizontal ties in the team.
  • Developing the right strategies to achieve the final result.
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