1-3 h.

20-300 pax.

General concept

Classic team building is an active training (team building) aimed at developing teamwork skills, strengthening the “team spirit”, improving the moral and psychological climate in the team, the possibility of making non-standard decisions in the “time pressure” of time and personal growth training.

Game programs
  • Classic Team building OutDoor (1-3 hours)
  • Classic Team building InDoor (1-3 hours)
Event Mechanics

The mechanics depend on the chosen format of the event.


The base price includes:

  • Leading
  • Props
  • Montage demontage
  • Delivery in Baku
  • Motivating staff for ambitious tasks.
  • Team interaction for decision-making under time pressure.
  • Developing a sense of personal responsibility for the end result.
  • Strengthening team spirit (team spirit) and collective responsibility.
  • Strengthening vertical and horizontal ties in the team.
  • Developing the right strategies to achieve the final result.
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