1-4 h.

6-100 pax.

General concept

Almost each city in modern Azerbaijan called a “city of masters.” As each of them was known as a center for the development of various crafts: carpet weaving, jewelry, weapons craftsmanship, weaving and embroidery, stone carving, etc.

Today, samples of medieval masterpieces of Azerbaijan’s craftsmen are kept in museums around the world: from the Louvre to the Hermitage and in the local treasures of folk art.


We provide services for organizing master classes in the following programs:

  • Master class “Painting on glasses of Armuda”
  • Master class “Carpet weaving”
  • Master class “Kelagai”
  • Master class “Pottery”
  • Master class “Art of Shebeke”
  • Master class “Rhythms of naghara”
  • Master class “Jewelry”
  • Master class “Blacksmithing”
  • Master class “Dance of Lezginka”
  • Master class “Fundamentals of Azerbaijani dance”

The time of the master class depends on the number of participants.

Master classes can be part of your team building or quest.

  • Greeting guests
  • Division into conditional commands
  • Master Classes
  • Sharing impressions
  • Awarding souvenirs

The base price includes:

  • Class Masters
  • All necessary props
  • Montage demontage
  • Delivery in Baku
  • Gaining new experience
  • Team building
  • Intimate familiarity with culture
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