3 h. - 3 days

20-300 pax.

General concept

Shebeke are stained glass windows made by national Azerbaijani masters, without glue or nails.

National quest “Shebeke” is a series of fascinating and adventurous excursion team building quests throughout Azerbaijan. Each of the faces and patterns of shebeke, is handmade created by Azerbaijani folk artists, will take you on an exciting journey, introduce you to history and traditions, the doors of secrets and mysteries of Azerbaijan will open to you. In pursuit of mysterious glasses, you will plunge into the gaming atmosphere of Azerbaijani hospitality and familiarize with the the ancient Land of fire.


Location quest series
  • Quest SHEBEKE in the Old Town (3 hours)
  • Quest SHEBEKE throughout the city of Baku (3-5 hours)
  • Quest SHEBEKE in Gobustan with a picnic (9 hours)
  • Quest SHEBEKE in Absheron (4-6 hours)
  • Quest SHEBEKE Master of the game indoors (2-3 hours)

Each episode of the Shebeke quest is adapted and associated with the ongoing location.

Event Mechanics
  • Greetings, immersion in the legend
  • Division into teams
  • Briefing
  • Quest quests
  • Final Test – Shebeke Team
  • Summarizing
  • Winner’s reward ceremony

The base price includes:

  • Leading
  • Guide instructors
  • Animators, artists in themed costumes
  • Branding of printed materials
  • All necessary requisites of tasks
  • FINAL Original SHEBEKE Products
  • Transport – minibuses, jeeps (in the necessary programs)
  • National character
  • Crafts, culture, traditions
  • History of the selected location
  • Selected Location Architecture
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