3 h. - 3 days

20-100 pax.

General concept

From time immemorial the caravan routes of the Silk Road invariably crossed. It served as the “gate” between mysterious faraway China and rich Europe.

Talented handicraftsmen offered foreign merchants a great variety of useful goods – graceful jewelry, wind and string musical instruments, expensive weaponry, magnificent carpets, local sorts of silk. The merchants took to Europe oil, jewelry, salt, mercury, alum, wool, flax, cotton, mineral dyes, medicines and many other things out from there.

Location quest series
  • Silk Road quest in the Old Town (3 hours)
  • The quest “Silk Road” – Baku, Shemakha, Gabala, Sheki (3 days)

Each series of a  “Silk Road” quest is adapted and associated with the ongoing location.

Event Mechanics
  • Greetings, immersion in the legend
  • Division into teams
  • Briefing
  • Quests
  • Final Test – Signing a Diplomatic Trade Agreement
  • Summarizing
  • Winner’s reward ceremony

The base price includes:

  • Leading
  • Guide instructors
  • Animators, artists in themed costumes
  • Branding of printed matter
  • All necessary requisites of tasks
  • Final props
  • Economic game aspects
  • Intelligent game aspects
  • National character
  • Crafts, culture, traditions
  • History of the selected location
  • Selected Location Architecture
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